Beenie Man & D'Angel Engaged


By The Insider
Photo By: Carlington Wilmot

BeenieManD'AngelYardFlex.jpgThat's the question on everyone's lips as rumours have spread like a wild bush fire on the Serengeti National Park of Africa that Beenie Man and D'Angel are officially engaged, and ready to go public about their relationship.

Since November last year, the two have been working together on music projects, and eventually started dating. There's no wedding ring yet, but D'Angel is sure waiting for it! Come on Beenie, be quick with the bling! Word is that she has an expensive engagement ring on her ring finger that has had her girlfriends wagging their tongues in excitement.

When will the wedding bells be tolling for Beenie and D'Angel? Who knows?

Congratulations guys!
What makes things vague is that neither of the two have said anything to the press that indicates a concrete relationship other than friendship...that is, until now, and we've got the YardFlex exclusive.

Log on later and we will give you the juicy details and exclusive pictures of the two lovebirds.