D'Angel Shoots Video for 'Give The Woman a Chance'


By: Jigga Mattic
Photos By Warlington

D'Angel-PhotoByCarlingtonWilmotYardFlex.jpgDressed to the nines in a white business suit and her hair a stunning red, D'Angel looked like the portrait of a take-no-prisoners career woman on the set of her new video, 'Give the Woman a Chance' on Wednesday afternoon. The video was shot by critically acclaimed director Nordia Rose at Victoria House, Lindsay Crescent.

"I think that this song is an important one because it sends a clear message to women that they can succeed at the highest level of politics and business, if they just stick to their guns," D'Angel said.

D'Angel-PhotoByCarlingtonWilmotYardFlexB.jpgThe set was painted in a dazzling white. The Jamaican flag, and an orangish-Jamaican coat of arms appeared in the background while D’Angel, reading from her prepared speech, addressed a crowd of women. The single, which was recorded in the euphoria surrounding Portia Simpson Miller's victory in the PNP Presidential elections, appears on the Free Willy label. Former Rising Star sensation Face and dancer Keiva were also present at the video shoot.

Beenie Man clowned around at the video shoot as well. At one point, while D'Angel was off camera, he walked up to the lectern, cleared his throat and began to speak.

"From Portia win, no woman no waan cook fi dem man again!" he declared.
Laughter greeted this remark.
"No gal no waan wash clothes again!" Boos this time.
"Me? Me? Me?" he said, indignant now.
"Tek him offa the stage," Nordia shouted out. A man stepped forward, and tried to drag him off the stage, but he refused to go, holding onto the lectern.

"Is we run tings! Yu hear that! We! Man run things." More boos. Whistles of derision.
"No? Den is who run tings?"
"Woman run tings!" the females shouted in unison.
Finally, he was dragged off the set. The ladies then burst into applause.

Grinning sheepishly, Beenie Man, the ardent troublemaker, then declared: "That was a good shot."
YardFlex thinks so too. The video will be edited soon, and will premiere on Jamaican television in a few weeks.