Jah Cure's New Video With Fantan Mojah


By: Claude Mills

JahCure-FantanMojah.jpgJah Cure, the infamous reggae singer who has been incarcerated since 1999, is in the middle of shooting a combination video with Fantan Mojah for his latest single, 'Nah Build Great Men' for Downsound Records.

YardFlex got the inside scoop on the video shoot today, and we will be posting pictures and stories from behind-the-scenes of the video shoot tomorrow.

"It's a great song, and it talks how society kills great men, and does not build them, it mentions great black leaders such as Marcus Gravey, Martin Luther King who was assassinated and it has a wonderful social vibe. The director of the video is Mr. B, the guy who did 'Hail the King' video. The 'Jah Cure' scenes have already been shot and they look good, it's going to be a wicked video," Joe Bogdanovich, the head of Downsound Records, told YardFlex today.

The video shoot continues today. Before the IRIE ban of Jah Cure's songs late last year, the song has been getting airplay, and is reportedly very popular in Europe. Jah Cure was sentenced to 15 years imprisonment on April 26, 1999, for two counts of rape, robbery with aggravation, and illegal possession of firearm, all arising from the same incident. He received this sentence at age 19.