D'Angel Rocks Magnum Show - Then Records 'Woman Power' Single


By: Jigga Mattic
Photo: Warlington

D'Angel-YardFlex-PhotoByCarlingtonWilmot.jpgThe gorgeous D'Angel delivered a riveting performance at last weekend's Magnum 'Follow Di Arrow' stage show at James Bond Beach sending a clear signal that she will be a major contender for this year's Female Deejay of the Year title.

She delivered a total of eight songs, earning big forwards for her runaway smash hit 'Downtown Girl' and her current single, 'Ghetto Girl, Big Up Oonu Status'. However, it was her new combination single with Beenie Man, 'One Man', which rocked the venue, to the point where the entertainers could not even finish the song.

"The crowd sang all the words to the song, we just coulden finish it, I was pleased with how well I did. The audience seemed to love every second of my performance, it was just ovation after ovation Everyone was so happy for me, when I got off the stage, Beenie gave me a big hug the way he was so proud of me. And I promise to keep taking it to them this year," she said.

On the heels of such a confident performance, D'Angel has stepped up her game to the next level, recording a 'female-power' single, 'Woman Power', on the Free Willy Productions label yesterday in the wake of the historic win by Prime Minister designate Portia Simpson Miller, who became the PNP's first female president on Saturday and is slated to be sworn in as the country's first Prime Minister soon.

"As long as woman ah run the country, mi alright wid that, man a run the country fi the longest time and ah just pure stress and problem so we need the change, ah our time now," she said.

D'Angel will be shooting the 'One Man' video with Beenie Man next week, and the controversial 'Death Row' single will be the next project.