Dekka Breaks Free in 2006


By: Jigga Mattic
Photos by Carlington Wilmot

Dekka-YardFlex-PhotosByCarlingtonWilmot.jpgDekka the Dak was born to be a deejay. Although he has spent the better part of the last five years supporting his young family doing a nine-to-five, this year, 2006, he plans to 'break free' from his self-made shackles to pursue his dreams of stardom with a single-minded ambition.

"Yes, I believe this is going to be my year, I caan waste no more time, mi need to just give the music thing a real shot," Dekka said during an interview with YardFlex this week.
Dekka, whose real name is Kerry Walker, hails from Kintyre, St. Andrew where he grew up in a family of seven -- four brothers and two sisters -- all raised by his mother, Sylvia Green. He attended Mona High School where his passion for dancehall music soon became evident to all those who knew him.

"Ah me alone musical inna mi family, so when I was younger, mi just decide fi tek it up serious, and at high school, mi start deejay wid friends like Mega Plow and Snakey Trouble, you know, beat desk ting, crowd draw inna the schoolyard, so from those days, it was just in me," he said.

Dekka-YardFlex-PhotosByCarlingtonWilmotA.jpgAfter high school, Dekka recorded a single at Peter Blake's studio in Mona, which is also the home of Don Corleone's Vendetta Records, but the song was never released. Soon after that, at the request of his mother, migrated to the Cayman Islands in order to seek employment there to support his young family. He landed a job at an establishment called Noah's Ark doing deliveries, however his contract ends later this year.

"Working in Cayman was something I had to take care of my son, but I have been saving up money, and now I plan to return to Jamaica later this year to take the music thing serious. I have a lot of talent, and I feel like I am wasting it by not doing music full time. So when I get back, I am going to buy myself a ride (car) so I can make the rounds to the studios and get my music out there," he said.