Dancehall Sensation D'Angel- 'Death Row'


Jigga Matic
YardFlex Reporter

D'Angel-CarlingtonWilmotPhoto-YardFlex.jpgDancehall fans who have critiqued the lyrics of Angel's latest single, 'Death Row', believe that the poignant words are a barely-conceiled commentary on her estranged relationship with deejay Bounty Killer.

The lyrics go:

I am a free girl, now I can smile

Haven't taken a deep breath for a while

Some man is like prison girl child

For a few months, pure love and smile

But a year gone through the door

Can't even go out no more

Best friends, him say dem a whore...

However, Angel says that the words were penned to express experiences of her close girlfriends, and not a direct commentary on her own failed relationship. She said that since leaving the Killer, she has scored a top ten hit, yet the man who was her lover for almost seven years has never called to congratulate her.

"I was not surprised that he, Bounty, has not called me to say congratulations or anything, know what sort of person he is...he said that I wasn't going to go anywhere, and I was never going to make it, and look at me now. Bounty Killer was never the main source of my income, everything I have, I worked for it, so don't get the argument twisted, I wish him all the best with his life, I have moved on with mine, I could not be with someone who was not growing with me...I am happy, I am free, and my talent can shine now," she told

In the meantime, Angel has been performing overseas, earning rave reviews from the ethnic press in England for a series of sold-out concerts in Brixton, London and Birmingham. She also recently performed alongside Beenie Man in St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

Now that she has returned to Jamaica, she is gratified with the enthusiastic response to 'Death Row'. The song is blowing up all over FM radio and has been enjoying excellent rotation on all radio stations. Nordia Rose has already been approached to direct the 'Death Row' video.

"I already have my concept, it's going to be off the hook, everything billias, man. My fans are embracing me, nutten caan stop me, Father God set it so, and mi just get blessings everywhere I go."

Look out for the release of her debut album, 'Blessed Child' later this year.