Peter Lloyd Returns to the Jamaican Top 10


Peter_Lloyd.jpgPeter Lloyd's Walk Through Fire hit the Jamaican top 10 in 2002, peaking at number 5 in the now extinct Star top 40 as well as the Entertainment Report (ER) top 10 chart. After a 4 year absence, Peter Lloyd is back on three major local singles charts with Gold Digga. As this is being penned, Peter Lloyd sits in the number 6 position on three of Jamaica's major top 20 Singles Chart i.e. Megajamz's top 20 dancehall chart, Hype TV's top 20 singles chart and MiPhone's top 20 dancehall chart.

Although Peter Lloyd has had massive underground hits within the last four years. In 2003 U Magnet hit the top 10 of many video charts. U Magnet was and still remains a favourite among Jamaica's youth. The cultural classic Wake Dem Up reached number 1 in several local video charts in 2005. The Wake Dem Up video is even credited with revolutionizing cultural videos on a whole in Jamaica.

Gold Digga which is produced by the riddim twins Sly & Robbie and Peter Lloyd himself on the Raw Food Riddim has become a staple on Jamaican radio stations islandwide, in dancehalls and popular among mixtapes. Gold Digga steady rise on these charts over the last ten weeks reflect the songs growing popularity as well as its connection to the popular Jamaican psyche. Peter Lloyd has another massive hit on his hands. Gold Digga comments on the growing materialism in our society and the damage that "Bling" culture has wrought upon relationship in general. The song has become an anthem for most of Jamaica's male population.

"I thought it was about time someone commented on this gimme gimme, waah waah psychology that has taken over our culture. Although I wrote it from a man's perspective Gold Digga refers to an everyday occurrence in Jamaica which is experienced by all classes, races and gender. Nuffa wi tun siren just a waah waah waah."

'06 has started on a high note for this multi-talented Jamaican. Peter Lloyd is the only Jamaican artiste who has successfully made his imprint as an international film actor, song writer, television broadcaster and a top 10 recording artiste. With its catchy hook, excellent vocals and driving Sly & Robbie beat, could this be Peter Lloyd first number 1 single?