Danielle - "I am a pretty thug" - New Dancehall Sensation


By:Claude Mills - Photos: Carlington Wilmot/YardFlex Reporters

daniel-videoshootB1.jpgThe first thing that strikes you about Danielle is her rampant sexuality. Listening to her nimble edgy dancehall vocals laced with R-rated lyrics, and watching her sinewy feline moves, it doesn't take you long to come to the conclusion that she is a bold, mercenary ghetto sex bomb.

"Yeah, definitely," she agreed, laughing. "I am a pretty thug, a ghetto sex bomb with an uptown flavour."

Danielle has been been raising eyebrows recently with her combination single, 'Brown Girl in the Ring' with Virgin Records recording artiste Beenie Man. She also has a slamming single, 'Rudey', on noted producer Birch's 'Dancehall Rock' rhythm.

Despite her stunning good looks and relatively quick success, she is laid-back and humble, just your typical round-the-way diva.

"I really love the music business a lot, I have a burning passion for it, and at this time in my life, this is what I want to do, this drives me," she said.

DanielA.jpgShe has an able and talented management team which works closely to hone her natural talents, and to develop new skills essential to her success in the biz. Michael Holgate of ASHE who works with her on the areas of artiste development, mock press interviews, and dance, while her manager, Amelia 'Milk' Sewell of CVM TV and Simply Innovating Artistes (SIA), handles the rough-and-tumble business side. Danielle writes her own material, but also collaborates with writers such as the comedic duo Twins of Twins.

The YARDFLEX team showed up at the video shoot for the single. When the writer arrived at the shoot, the salacious twentysomething year-old was busy strutting her stuff in a bikini, showing off her cat-like moves in the pool as the male camera crew shot the scene in earnest.

The director of the video was Julia Braham whose previous credits include the 'Anger Management' medley and Cecile's 'Woman Tings'. After a few minutes, the director yelled cut, and Danielle emerged from the pool, beads of water winding their way slowly down her voluptuous body. The Yardflex writer swallowed...twice, a gentle lion already stirring in his loins. And then she walked over to him, and breathed in a perky voice:
"Hi, I am Danielle."

A rhinestone was embedded in her teeth between her left incisor and molar, and winked at you when she smiled. At that time, the writer was totally captivated by her presence, but then again, she has that sort of effect on people.

A graduate of St. Andrew High school for Girls, Danielle's first foray in the business was a combination single, 'Turn Him On' with Cecile. Her mother, Siegrid Isaacs, has supported her daughter's career decision to the fullest. Danielle grew up in downtown Kingston, but thanks to her mother's entrepreneurial skills, they are a long way from the socially depressed area of John’s Lane now.

daniel-videoshootL1.jpg"As Ashanti said, I love mommy, she's my mom-ager," she said, hugging her mother, a good-looking woman with bleached-blonde hair and beautiful skin. Danielle has also mended her estranged relationship with her father. According to her mother, Danielle has a mixed cultural heritage, "black, English white and a little Jew".
Asked about her work-out programme, Danielle's hands go almost defensively to her golden-brown midriff where a slight paunch that makes her even more irresistible

"I go to the gym, not as often as I should but I do work out," she said, laughing.

Danielle has been busy in recent weeks networking with local artistes, and recently, she voiced a show-stopping remake of Marvin Gaye's 'Sexual Healing' with Una Morgan of Morgan Heritage fame.
"It is a wicked wicked song, and I enjoyed working with Una so much," she said.

She really wants to collaborate on projects with male performers such as Baby Cham, Assassin, and Kip Rich.

"And I love Damian Marley, I love his hardcore rasta vibe, I really want to work with him as well," she said.

Look out world, here comes Danielle.