Tanya Stephens - Rebelution Is The Next Chapter


TanyaStephens.jpgThe quintessential Jamaican singer/songwriter, Tanya Stephens is equally adept at blazing the latest dancehall riddims as she is at blessing an acoustic guitar-driven ballad with lyrics that are insightful, relevant, comical, and often scathing...life and love observed with the honest eyes of a child, yet processed and returned to her audience with uncommon maturity and melody.

On Rebelution, Tanya Stephens once again displays her wit and musical sensibilities with bouncy songs like Hey Lady, in which she matter-of-factly explains to a woman (and all women) what steps she could have taken to keep Tanya from stealing her man.

Paying respect to the masters, Tanya borrows some rhythmic ideas on songs like Dirty Thoughts, where listeners will instantly recognize Bob Marley's "Mr. Brown" riddim, and To the Limit, which draws on a classic Burning Spear riddim. On the first single These Streets, and airy acoustic guitar track, Tanya pleads with her thug-love to realize that "these streets don't love you like I do." On this, her fourth LP, Tanya is poised to reach even greater international acclaim and finally be recognized by the masses as one of the great talents to emerge from Jamaica. Rebelution features the musings of a songbird who is vulnera! ble enough to feel the pain, but tough enough to live through it.

With a militant swagger, Rebelution is an edgy narrative of a street smart guerilla poet who continues to break the stereotype of what a female Jamaican artist should sound like. Smart and sexy, jagged and cunning, the lyrics flow out of the speakers and attack the unfortunate victims of her sharp tongue. This is not a passive listener's record, nor is it a record for the weak hearted. It screams and bites in the gentlest way possible, with back handed compliments and sometimes less-than-reaffirming opinions.

Armed with a fervent voice and classy demeanor Tanya tells her truth the way she sees it, uncompromising and uncensored. The evolution from the love scorned Gangsta Blues is apparent, but does not stray from the autobiographical, if anything Rebelution is the next chapter in her story. Already a cult hero in her native Jamaica, this album has Tanya Stephens crying from the hills and streets of Kingst! on... Viva La Rebelution!

Source: VP Records