LOY Head Convicted, Faces 20 Years


By: Jigga YardFlex.com Reporter

horatio.jpgHoratio Hamilton, the chief executive of Lords of Yard Inc., a reggae music production company, was convicted of drug conspiracy for smuggling one tonne of marijuana into the city each week for several years.

According to the New York Times, Hamilton, president of Lords of Yard Inc., faces 20 years in prison after being convicted in Manhattan federal court.

Hamilton was arrested in 1999 with nearly two tonnes of marijuana at Los Angeles International Airport, Garcia said. He jumped bail and was arrested again last year.

Hamilton's lawyer said his client had left the drug business.
In the New York Times article, Jeffrey Lichtman was quoted as saying, "he had moved nto something more profitable and legal," Jeffrey Lichtman told jurors, calling Hamilton "one of the more famous Jamaican entertainers."

The executive created Sashi, a three-day reggae concert in Jamaica which generated a lot of buzz and great press in its heyday, and is credited with bringing big-name stars such as Super Cat to the Summer show.