The Buzz on Benzly -- Hyped to the Next Level


benz_hype[1].jpgYo, just let me test the speakers, HYPEEEEEEEEEE!
You may know him for the abovementioned intro ON 'Wear My Sunglasses at Night' or maybe for his provocative disses of dancehall diva, Cecile, or, yet again, for his somber, cerebral ultra-creative radio hit, 'Mirrow', but Benzly Hype remains a bit of conundrum for dancehall fans who are unable to label him or put him in a box.

"Small minds think alike, great minds thinks differently, out the box, if you want to remembered, you have to be great. Every great Jamaican artiste is never recognized in his own country, but when he's recognized overseas, he gets the recognition at home, Marley is the perfect example of that," said the only deejay who can boast that he has an exclamation mark as part of his stage name.

He is also starring in a comedic pilot for local television which is a semi-autobiographical take of a young deejay life, a project being spearheaded by Rick Elgood of Dancehall Queen fame.

"It is a comedy, and about weird, quirky characters I met on the journey coming up, it features Zimbu from Africa, Clumsy Dapps and the Innocent Kru are in it, it is all about the is a blast, you'll see," he said.

After embarking on a solo career, Benzly has quickly made a name for himself, especially the rave critical reviews which greeted his
'Mirrow' single. Since then, he has recorded a number of other singles such as 'Friday (T.G.I.F)', 'Jasmine Jones' and 'Stroke' on the Black Chiney label for his debut solo album.

"I have been shopping my Mirrow album around to a number of overseas record labels including Shady Records and Jive Records. Jive has more latched onto it, and I am waiting on them to get back to my team that is liaising with them right now," he said.

The super-talented artiste has also dabbled in other areas of entertainment, creating the 'Brown Girl in the Ring' rhythm which already has spawned a juicy combination single of the same name featuring Beenie Man and the deliciously looking Danielle.

"I made the Brown Girl in the Ring track when I was 18 years old. Originally, the track was supposed to appear on my album, but while I was overseas, I got a call from Rory saying that Beenie Man and Danielle had recorded on the track, so I decided at that time to just run with their single, and the song is now #2 on the New York reggae charts," he said.

Of his behind-the-scenes production skills, he said: "I have been producing tracks here and there behind the scenes for years, but people may not have realized that I was the one creating those rhythms. I played the keyboards, the flute and other instruments on Norris Man's 'Persistence(Is To Try)', that big hit many years ago."

He is indeed a man of many talents, even conceptualizing the artistic designs for his own Benzly Hype Collectible Sticker series which he gives away free to his growing teenybopper audience.

Born Hemsley Ainsley Gary Coleman Morris Jr. on September 20, 1976, Benzly Hype! - a member of the popular Innocent Kru has an extraordinary combination of musical talent, brains and hype.

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