Carnival Time Again - Jamaica

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carnival.jpgIf you've been dying to play the 'Prince of Persia', then this year's carnival celebrations in Jamaica may be just the ticket for you. This year's carnival will have a decidedly Old Word flavour as the organisers plan to revisit ancient cultures and civilizations as they celebrate the 'Lost Empires'. Bacchanal Jamaica Carnival launched their event at the Knutsford Court Hotel last Tuesday.

The costumes, sporting names such as Persian, Macedonian, Azteca, Zulu, Bacchanal Babes and Atlantians, were on full display for potential revellers who may be history buffs with a hard-on for the role-playing of celebrated historical figures.

Bacchanal Jamaica's exciting calendar of events will kick off at their home venue Mas Camp on February 17, with the theme Legend of the Nile. There will be weekly Friday night fĂȘtes at that venue leading up to the road parade on April 23. Among the on Friday events will be the Appleton sponsored Roman Games on March 31 and Digicel's Victory on April 7.

Soa'cise, fitness sessions will begin warming up on February 20. These free soca exercise sessions will continue at the Mas Camp every Monday and Wednesday until April 10. Other highlighted events for the season are Beach Jouvert at James Bond Beach - April 15, Soca @ de Sanbar - April 19, Pan Night - April 20, Bacchanal Jouvert - April 21 and Bazodee - April 22.

With the carnival organisers promising a hot season they will be bringing quite a few acts from within the Caribbean to join with some of our local talents. Among the acts and selectors expected to perform in Bacchanal Jamaica's season are Destra with The Atlantic Band, The Imij Band, Sparkles, and DJ Kurt Riley.