Jamaica's Most Papular Dj LA Lewis Releases T-Shirt

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The Infamous and Mysterious DJ LA LEWIS Releases New T-Shirt Line

LALewis_yardflex.jpgThe most popular DJ without a hit song and an unknown face DJ LA Lewis has joined forces with the photographer Peter of the website Afflictedyard.com to distribute a T-Shirt line called L.A. Lewis.

Within two weeks of its release the T-Shirts were completely sold out. 'Di music industry people, fans, politicians even Mr Seaga has sent in orders to me. Fadda Laing from Supreme Promotions bought some from mi fi show mi im support. Mi overwhelmed by the support from the fans, mi phone a ring offa di hook, dem a buy six and seven one time. It a mek mi eat a food’ he said with a usual pleasant smile.

Dressed in a straw felt hat, grey t-Shirt marked LA Lewis and a orange floral jacket 'Dis grey shirt yah wey mi a wear a only me have it a crazy people want the black and brown one dem. Uh nuh sey a jus Peter from Afflicted yard.com start tek some pictures of all the signs dem wey mi fans dem write pan di wall dem and come to me with the idea because im sey dat nuff people roun di world a ask a who name LA Lewis and we jus start put di t-shirt idea together an di shirt dem tek off and sell off' he boasted.

DJ Lewis is now in high spirits due to the fact that he is the first artiste who has released a T-Shirt line that is doing exceedingly well. He is now on the campaign trail to market his new product on the international market.

(Release date January 16, 2005)

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