D' Angel and Beenie Man Together?


By: YardFlex Reporter Jigga

D'Angel&BeenieMan-CarlingtonWilmot_yardflex.jpgD'Angel, the singer who hit it big last year with the hit, 'Downtown Girl Living an Uptown Life', has denied rumours that she is romantically linked with deejay Beenie Man.

"Beenie is a man, I am a woman, what's the big deal? We are human beings...what?" she said jokingly when asked. "But we are not involved, we have a musical relationship, we have done a song together, 'One Man' on the Global riddim, but we are not together, I am merely signed to Shocking Vibes, he has called me up onstage for shows that I am not even billed for, he is giving me a lot of exposure and that's all, Beenie is not like that," she told YardFlex.

Since last year's Sting show, there have been several rumours making the rounds that the two are romantically involved, a rumour made even more saucy given the fact that D'Angel is the former girlfriend of deejay Bounty Killer, Beenie Man's nemesis. D'Angel has performed on a number of stage shows such as Island Xplosion, West Kingston Jamboree, Sting and Teen Jam.

Photos By: YardFlex Photographer
Carlington Wilmot