Dancehall Girl Group MBC - Make Boyz Cry


MBC-yardflex.jpgDancehall Girl power at its best, bundled with youth, great voices
and sexy images all rolled into this exciting new female dancehall
group emerging from the bustling Kingston, Jamaica metropolis.

Introducing Storm (aka Natalie) the writer*, Foxy (aka Joy-ann)
the lead singer*, and the baby of the bunch Miss Chin (aka Heather)
the musician*, all excellent singers with great attitude and tremendous potential.

With ages ranging from 18-22 years this group of sexy females have already been compared to their male counterparts TOK and have been turning heads since their debut performance at Blazee Blazee in Mandeville.

MBC so far have been getting nuff love from radio Jocks in Jamaica,
the UK and the USA with their released debut singles "platinum" and
"make boyz cry" from producer / manager extraordinaire "Computer" Paul Henton.

He also is the mastermind behind the conceptualizing and grooming of this sexsational new group, guaranteed to breathe some exciting new air into the Dancehall.

Their new sizzling hot singles "short a nut'n" and the hard hitting
"wuklis man" released in August 2005 are already creating a buzz
in the streetz, and are directly contributing to requests for live
performances and voicing sessions from other top producers in Jamaica.

As their name implies M.B.C. has been, and will continue "making boyz and big men cry"