Bad Gal Ce'Cile 'bussing out' in South Florida


BadGalCecile_CarlingtonWilmotF.jpgBad gal of the dancehall Ce'Cile is making her presence felt in South Florida. Her latest release 'Woman Ting' according to Lynks FM's Clinton Lindsay it is one of the most requested songs on his station.

"Since the first time we buss this tune the requests have been coming in like crazy," he stated. He went on to point out that it is the same with other jocks on the station.

'Woman Ting' is a humourous look at the trend that is currently taking over now - men wearing tight up clothes and buying out the women wear. Even in Jamaica this song has women shaking their heads in agreement at the funny, but true lyrics.

Watch out for more hot songs coming from Ce'Cile as she is currently working on some new materials.