Idonia's 'Chicken Head' Single Blowing Up


Idonia-CarlingtonWilmot-Photos_yardflex.jpgAidonia's 'Chicken Head' hit on 'Galore' rhythm has been getting crazy airplay, and blowing up all over FM radio in the last couple of weeks.

"We plan to do a music video before the end of the year, crazy concepts, do it the proper way. The main show for the Christmas is Sting, mi plan fi stamp mi authority, mi, mi have a element of surprise, mi have some new ting fi the people, Mi ah go do tings the proper way, the dapper way, not the snapper way, cause we set the gal dem inna position inna lotta way," he said, laughing.

Aidonia also has a new single, 'Innocent Blood' on producer Birch's
'Gangsta Rock' rhythm.

"We have nuff other things, ah just when dem fi drop and the people dem accept it," he said.