'Little Wicked' A.K.A Rasshady - Musically Inclined

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RasShadyA20051212CW.jpgYoung Andrew Cameron is one of the most competent young deejays working on the International Music scene. He may be young in age, at 28, but he is a veteran artiste, having started mashing up stage shows from the age of ten.

"LITTLE WICKED", as he was now called, because of his size and how good he was lyrically registered the fact that he is a talent to be reckoned with. During those early days, "LITTLE WICKED", went on to record quite a few songs. The first of which is titled, "Chicago Bulls", which was released in 1991 on the Prof record label. He followed up his first release with another single titled, "I Spy", which was also released on the Prof record label.

On the strength of these two singles "LITTLE WICKED" began to garner some recognition as a qualified artiste. So much so, that ace deejay, Ninja Man, having taken note of his talent and decided to take him under his wings which saw him earning the opportunity to perform at Border Clash before a huge audience in 1992, in which Little Wicked was called up on stage by Gun teeth, Gold teeth Ninja Man.

In the early '90s "Border Clash", was a premier calendar event that showcased the best talents in the parishes of Kingston and St. Catherine. Of course, this was the beginning of stardom for "LITTLE WICKED." Immediately after his '92, "Border Clash" performance he was booked by Isiah Laing to appear on, "STING" that same year."

RasShadyF20051212CW.jpgThe following year, (1993), "LITTLE WICKED", met veteran producer, Tappa Zoukie Sinclair, who expressed the desire to work with him and assist him in building his career. The first single, "Tappa", released for him is titled, "Done Wid De War." It was released that same year, along with "Nah Get Nuh Ratings." The popularity of, "Nah Get Nuh Ratings", inspired Ronnie Burke, the then C.E.O., of the now defunct, Synergy Productions, to book him for an appearance on "REGGAE SUNSPLASH '93." On that historic occasion he ended up performing in a 'clash' situation with, "ANTHONY B" (who was then also an upcoming artistes). That same year he also performed at REGGAE SUMFEST. His first overseas show was in Grand Cayman in 1994.

LEXUS PROMOTIONS AND RECORDING COMPANY head Mr Carroll Powell heard and saw LITTLE WICKED'S talent and sign him in 1996. He began to travel extensively and after performing at an event in New York, a gentleman came and told him that the late Biggy Small wants to have a word with him, Biggy lamented about his talent and potential. He also stated that he will be having his own record company soon to be called Junior Mafia and wanted him to be one of his first artistes to team up with his production. This same year they performed together at Sting. But it did not materialized because of his death.

RasShadyB20051212CW.jpgSoon after LITTLE WICKED met Dougie Fresh once more whose path was cross during his time with Biggy Small, they did a song together called "NUTTY BUDDY" which did well overseas, so much that he and Dougie Fresh performed at the Apollo in New York. There he met the presenter of the Soul Train Awards who requested their performance on that show. LITTLE WICKED was now sparring with the rich and famous. He was introduced to Tommy Hilfiger and became the first artiste from Jamaica and the Caribbean to model his couture.

In the ever evolving international recording and entertainment firmament trends change rapidly and in the beginning of the new millennium he became a father ease off the scene relaxing and helping to raise his three children. It was during this period he found his true calling in the Rastafarian faith and became a Rasta, which is newly found name form to the now "RASSHADY". Now this son of the sunshine city is back bigger and better and has resign with Lexus Promotions and recording Company. His Latest single is "RUN IT" which is creating waves on the local dancehall circuit. You can expect great things from LITTLE WICKED AKA RASSHADY for the coming years.

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