The Many Dreams of Ilano - Musical Adventure


IlanaB20051206CW.jpgEngineer/Song writer/Artiste Delano McLaughlin more familiarly known to others by his alias 'Ilano' will no doubt be one of Jamaica's main characters behind the scenes of Jamaica’s Dancehall/reggae music.

Ilano has steadily been in the music industry for over five years now, where he started out in the position of assistant engineer for internationally acclaimed producer Dave Kelly.

Within the first six months on the job Ilano shows tremendous amount of skills that impressed Dave Kelly so, he decided to upgrade his position from assistant to Recording Engineer which saw Ilano taking vocals for well known artiste such as Baby Cham, Beenie Man, Bounty Killer, Foxy Brown, Kimani Marley, you name it.

As Ilano got more mature in the business, he then sailed ship to join forces with Ili Dread at Kings of Kings.

There he became one of the main recording engineers and it was from there he started to develop his skills as a songwriter and managed to pen a couple of hit tunes for entertainers such as Wayne Wonder, Spragga Benz, Chico, Mr. Easy to name a few.

IlanaD20051206CW.jpgWhenYardFlex.Com asked Ilano which area of the music industry he first fell in love with this is what he had to say. "To tell you the truth, singing was my first love, but then I got curious wanting to know how the music was created, this was when I decided to rest being an artiste. But one thing I can tell you it's best when you master what's behind the music before you decide on becoming a recording artiste," said Ilano who's the nephew of the late veteran DJ Pan Head.

Ilano closed by letting us know what his philosophy of life is: Everything Measures by Time - With That You Will Succeed.