Jeremy Harding Presents at Red Bull

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JeremyHarding.jpgJeremy Harding recently gave a lecture to the students of the Red Bull Music Academy. Below is an excerpt from a student’s online diary, who attended the session.

"Jamaica's Jeremy Harding, leading exponent of dancefloor riddims, was first up on the couch to break the mold. His lecture explored a wealth of knowledge and experience related to Reggae and Ragga history. From managing and discovering Sean Paul, to Sly and Robbie anecdotes from days gone by, Jeremy's stories niced up the mood and made us wanna whine and grine.

Naturally the conversation took a welcome turn to current affairs - at last a frank and direct commentary on the "ba**y boy" bashing phenomenon that has been in and out of the news for years.

Jeremy's cool, calm and collected approach, combined with his seemingly infini1te passion for the riddims that swing and sway like a summer breeze, teleported our participants out of the studio mindset and off to an island sunset for a few hours. Sir Harding, big up your chest. Running tings."