New Jamaican Mag Exposes Back-a-Yard Lifestyle

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BACKAYARD.jpgBACKAYARD prep-mag is a locally produced Jamaican lifestyle publication devoted to promoting the broad scope of the Jamaican music scene, artists, producers, writers and musicians. As the name suggests, BACKAYARD prep-mag is the pre-cursor to BACKAYARD magazine tentatively set for release by year end.

The prep-mag and magazine will not only cover the various genres of reggae music, past and present, but also local designers, hotspots and locally produced goods and services. There will also be features on reggae music and artistes internationally.

The aim of the magazine is to depict the Jamaican lifestyle and music as accurately and unbiased as possible. The magazine's target market lies between the ages of 18 – 35. The prep-mag will be released every other month from now until the magazine is ready to be launched.

The prep-mag is to be used as a marketing tool/teaser to create anticipation for the magazine while at the same time help to build a relationship with advertisers that are on board from the inception, which will give them significantly lower rates and preference for the magazine when it is released.