Back In The Days With Bounty Killer


Bountykiller_yardflex.jpgOne of nine children, Rodney's destiny would be irrevocably shaped by the landscapes of inner-city Kingston, where tribalism and poverty battle for the morals of the hungry and the desperate.

Leaving Trenchtown soon after, Miss Ivy relocates her family to Riverton City, a community founded on the Kingston City dump. Once known as 'Dungle,' the sprawling rubbish heap is a vital resource to many of its inhabitants.

Clothed just by 'tear-up-batty' pants, Rodney would sneak out late at night to hear the music thundering from speaker boxes strung up in the community.

Belonging to the sound system owned by his Father, affectionately known as Breezer.

"I used to just grab the mic and vibe up the place with my arguments and slangs!" remembers Bounty of the beginning. "I never had any lyrics of my own. Once I went to take the microphone at a talent show in Riverton. I intended to DJ, but I just opened my mouth and began to sing Junior Reid's 'Woman Make Your Waistline Roll!' Even though it didn't work out how I planned it, the crowd were hyped by it so I decided to build my own lyrics."