Look Who's Grown Up Now - Peter Lloyd


By: Jigga - YardFlex Reporter

PeterLloyd.jpgPeter Lloyd is an artiste who has had a remarkable odyssey. He has matured and grown up under the bright lights of the media spotlight, so much so he took an enforced sabbatical a few years ago. Now, he's back. He has rediscovered his love for the music, and the world had better watch out.

"My problem was that I was actor, a broadcasting, did a lot of film work, I do edutainment, I give motivational talks. When I came back to Jamaica in 1999, I stopped singing, I was tired of it, and about 2000, I went to stage shows, and decided I can do this again," he told YardFlex.com.

In the early part of his career, he was known as a "girls' artiste". The classy vocalist, a former top north coast cabaret star, is no stranger to making hit songs. In fact, he has been the voice behind classic dancehall hits such as "Dancehall Queen", "Perfect Body", "Oh My Darling", and 'Pose', a sensuous combination with Lady Saw.

Now, he has flipped his game, so to speak, by doing the roots rock anthem, 'Wake Dem Up', and dancehall flavoured 'Gold Digga'"When mi do dem song de, mi a pickney, a teenager, I wanted the hype, the girls, but when you become a man, you put away childish things, so I am doing conscious songs, then I was writing my reality, now I am doing our reality. I have developed as a good songwriters and I have been working with the best producers," he said.

A teetotaller, he has never touched alcohol, never smoke, and likes to read,"If me want to get high, I have my music," he quipped.

What are his future plans?
"We are putting together an album for VP through Dean Fraser's label. We are choosing 16 tracks and we are in the process of putting it out, maybe in February of next year," he said.

"I am working with Sno Cone, Sly and Robbie, Dia Fearon and a lot of the top producer, and doing some co-writes with some of these producers as well."

He is a devout Rastafarian who started growing his covenant 18 months ago. " I just start locks again a year and a half ago, I had a difference of opinion with my elders, they call me a neo-rasta. They have some beliefs not relevant today, just like Jews say Old, and Christians say new, I believe man and woman equal, the brain is fundamentally the same, people need to stop watching so much white TV, not knocking the white race, I love Africa,"

Peter Lloyd's philosophy on life is centred around the all-conquering emotion of love. In his heart, he believes love can conquer all things.

"If a man do you the worst thing possible, and you show love to that man, that makes you the strongest possible human being, we don't need no more hate, that is why I don't see the same as certain rastas who burn fire. Love is the answer," he said.