Canada's MP Dan McTeague - No Entry For 50 Cent


50_Cent_yardflex.jpgU.S. rapper 50 Cent should not be allowed to bring his "Massacre Tour" to Canada, says Toronto MP Dan McTeague.

On Tuesday, McTeague asked Immigration Minister Joe Volpe to deny the artist entry for an upcoming Canadian tour, which is scheduled to stop in Halifax on Dec. 14.

McTeague says 50 Cent promotes gun violence, a message he feels Torontonians in particular don't need to hear. A record 48 people have been shot to death in that city so far this year.

50 Cent, who was born Curtis Jackson in Queen's, N.Y., has a criminal record and would need a ministerial permit to enter Canada.

"I think it's time we send a message of our own to those who glorify violence that their gratuitous violence and movies are not welcome in our country," McTeague said.

"We need to do a better job at protecting Canadians from people whose message runs counter to all of our efforts of trying to curb gun violence."

50 Cent recently made his movie debut in Get Rich or Die Tryin', a violent semi-autobiographical street drama.

A spokesperson for the immigration minister says permits allowing those with criminal records to enter Canada are issued regularly.

50 Cent's tour is scheduled to stop in Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec City, Halifax and Saint John, N.B.