Dancehall Artise Mr. Vegas Riding High

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vegasA_yardflex.jpgVegas has been riding a high in the recent weeks. With a number one single under his belt, and armada of new projects under way, he is locked and loaded for what is shaping up to be a hectic fall season.

"Right now, I am working towards saturating the base markets in Asia and Europe, that is where the demand is, and my...

The album will be called 'Constant Spring', named for the title track, the lead hit single that has already topped all the major charts in Jamaica. The single was supported by a creative video that piqued the interest of the dancehall community.

"The video paid homage to the 'Harder They Come', you know, Fuzzy coming to town on bike, the whole country bus, the throwback clothes and hairstyles, and it paid off, the video helped to push the song to the #1 spot," he said.

Vegas burst onto the music scene almost 6 years ago with a slew of hit singles such as 'Heads High', 'Jacket', 'Nike Air', but his career lulled briefly, before his recent flare of success that he attributes to 'regaining his confidence', if you will, his mojo.

vegas_yardflex.jpg"Right now, everything Vegas ah do ah sell off, what I am doing is building ghetto tune, as an artiste, yu have to have ghetto song, so mi go stage show inna the ghetto, mi de a Standpipe, wha day, and hear some new slang like 'sell off', and 'chu chu chu', that is what dancehall is, the ghetto, the streets," he said.

In the last three years, Vegas has become a bonafide fitness junkie, and he has spent countless hours in the gym to chisel out his new buff body.

vegasb_yardflex.jpg"I spend 80 per cent of my time working out in the gym, even if mi overseas and it snowing, mi caan miss the gym. I have an obligation to my female fans…have to keep my body up to scratch for the woman dem, with these teenyboppers, yu caan look chakka chakka with a big belly, and caan dress. Image is most things when it comes to being an artiste," he said.

Vegas has been collaborating with Mr. Lex on a number of recent projects including 'Taxi Fare', a bouncy slamming new single that was the centre of a much talked about controversy and fight between Mr. Lex and Foota Hype.

"Is long time mi know Lenny, and he is one of a handful of artistes out there who the girls truly go crazy ova, nuff artiste, the girls only like dem song, but with Mr. Lex, dem love him, so I like doing songs with him, he is the artiste with one of the cleanest heart inna di business. We also have a new song called 'Caan Get We Down' to answer all the haters out there," Vegas said.