Tami Chynn - Jamaica's New Dancehall Sensation


By: Jigga - YardFlex Reporter

All the guys want her. And all the girls want to be her. Heck, with her stunning good looks, and her great voice, who wouldn't want to be Tami Chynn?

Tami Chynn has become a popular name on the dancehall scene over the past two years and is now honing her skills and consolidating a sizeable fan base, both locally and here in the United States. She was born to an 'artistic family' so it's no surprise that Tami got involved in music, her sister, Tessane, is also a singer. Tami has done songs on a number of tracks on various dancehall tracks, and this year, earned an honourable mention on one of dancehall's biggest hits, Left Side and Esco's 'Tuck in Yu Belly'. Despite her stunning good looks, and upper crust background, she refuses to be 'pigeonholed' and considered an 'uptown' artiste.

"People would consider me an uptowner, but everyone's opinion varies. I am not what I consider uptown to be, can't I just be no-town?" she said, a mischievous twinkle in her eye.

Tami, you are so fine, girl, you can be anything you want to be.

In case you are curious, Tami is part-Chinese, part-Cherokee, part-white, part-black.

"Mi mix up bad," she said, laughing.

She describes her most inspirational moment in the biz so far as "definitely the RE TV high school tour".

TamiChynn_yardflex.jpg"That was one of the best experiences as an artiste and person, just humbling, knowing that people are out there and enjoying my music, as opposed to feeling cocky and big-headed about it...to have all these people rooting for me, have to keep up my standards."

Growing up in St. Andrew, she attended Sts. Peter and Paul, before moving on to Campion, but after only a few years, she moved to England.

"I finished schooling at Trinity public school. It wasn't no private school, it was big change to my whole way of life, a big culture shock, no uniforms, you were on a first name basis with teachers. In fact, I was the only person uptight about handing in assignments, everybody else was just like whatever. The teachers here in Jamaica instil a fear but over there, more relaxed, if you do it, whatever," she said.

Who would you want to work with most? And why?

"I have been very fortunate to work with most of the artistes, I did a song with Sean Paul, for his album, 'All On Me'. I worked with Assassin on, 'All Night' he is such an amazing artiste, he is so brilliant. I’ve had the chance to work with Lady Saw, and Beenie Man, I've worked with Sanje, and I see him coming up, Busy Signal, mi love Busy, he is doing real well, and of course, Wayne Marshall."

She will be shooting a video for the single, 'Tell Mi Seh' in New York soon. The video is directed by Nadia (who is of Jamaican heritage) and Naylor, the directors who shot the Cezar video and who have being a part of the new Smirnoff Ice media campaign.

"It's a ladies anthem showing another side of my creativity," she said.

Earlier this year, she inked a four-album deal with Universal Records.

"The first album is due out in 2006. Luckily, I had been working on it before...it's been a blessing getting signed to a major label... it's just wicked, but I have a lot of work to do, and it's just the first step in my career."

This gorgeous Gemini says she wants to dabble in acting in the future once she establishes herself in the music biz.

"I want to consider myself a businesswoman. I have to learn the business of the music, we have to know, or else, the wool gets pulled over your eyes."

If you want to know more about Tami Chynn you can check out her website at www.tamitunes.com where you can read her diary, sign her guestbook, watch videos, interviews, listen to music, and see her events page.