Lutan Fyah Ready to Burn Up Charts



Since the track Peace In Spanish Town, Jamaica has not stopped hearing the conscious cries of Lutan Fyah.This son of Spanish Town grabbed the spotlight in 2003, and has somewhat gone on a recording rampage to make sure he cements his place in the hallowed halls of Roots Reggae.

Lutan Fyah has been working the Jamaican airwaves - and as he admits - deliberately. Tracks like Rasta Still Deh Bout, Reputation For Love, Badness Nuh Pay and Back To Africa are all in rotation at once. The music videos for Rasta Still Deh Bout and Reputation For Love both enjoyed regular reviews on local cable channels at the same time.

Lutan Fyah says there is a method to his madness. "Right now is just work. Because I don't have no crew or camp I just do the work," he states.

Earlier this year he released the fifteen-track album A Time And Place on the luster Kings Label, and he is working to follow up with another by December. Releasing two albums in a year from the same artist is known in Hip Hop circles as the sign of accomplishment. While rappers Tupac Shakur and DMX can attest to this, in Reggae circles it is not common.

Lutan Fyah however feels he must leave his mark. "I want more people to get to know the real Lutan Fyah. Mi want to be more consistent," he explains. "Mi want people hear me and accept me more because it is energy for me. When I feel this energy from the people a the greatest thing, so mi can't stop work."