Jovi Rockwell A Star From Birth


JOVIpromo.jpgJovi Rockwell carries herself much like a blues musician of the early 20th century; she is brooding and spiritual with her music. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, the child of an art and music connoisseur Jovi has been steeped in "the business" since an early age.

She is a mysterious bon vivant who always has a story to tell and a song to serve as the soundtrack.

The latest talent to emerge from the multi-textured, dancehall soul label Mystic Urchin Music (Farenheit, Transdub Massiv) Jovi offers up an intimate blend of dancehall, pop and soul that she describes as "Rebel, Love, Goddess music." She imbues the already innovative blend of musical genres that is Mystic Urchin with an impressive throaty vocal style that is accented with both depth and emotion.

Merely in her early 20s, Ms. Rockwell is still honing her craft as a singer, songwriter and bass player. Her debut singles prove that she is seeking out various styles and sounds before settling on a few to call her own. Meanwhile, Jovi masterfully ensures that her work doesn't sound like a patchwork quilt, but rather a perfect blend.