Bongo Herman - Jamaica's #1 Nyabinghi Man

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Bongo Herman's unique ear, and superb percussive effects has been the driving force behind a lot of big reggae rhythms, including the ultra-popular 'Spiritual Warfare' rhythm featuring Gyptian's hit song, 'Serious Time'. Without a doubt, he is the leading Nyabinghi drummer in Jamaica.

"I am regarded as one of the greatest percussionists by people all over the world. When I get a riddim, I hold the reins, bringing it to a level, to a heartbeat so I feel it so I know when to play, and when not to play. The way I play is that the bass batter, the funde flatter, and the repeater scatter. I know this, and I have helped to revolutionise a business that started to changes with the 'Hail the King' rhythm featuring Fantan Mojah and Jah Cure a few years back," he said.

Bongo Herman has played an 'instrumental' role in such hit rhythms as 'Nyabinghi Trodding', and hit records such as 'Earth Ah Run Red' by Richie Spice, and Jah Cure's 'Longing For'.

"The drums are the most important, the shaker is also important, and when you go to the clubs, you hear everything clean. Right now, Jah Cure and Gyptian have the best new voices in the business, more producers need to go more one-drop right now."