Cartoon Riddim Blowing up on Local Airwaves


By: Jigga - YardFlex Reporter
Stephen.jpg With the creation of the Cartoon rhythm 15 year-old Stephen McGregor a fifth-form student at Ardenne High is now on the verge of becoming one of Jamaica's top dancehall producers. So far the 'Cartoon' rhythm has been creating a havoc in and around the dancehall circuit and is also getting favorable airplay on local radio stations

"I am just pleased at the reaction I have been getting so far. This is my first full-scale project, and I am expecting big things," he told YardFlex.

Stephen co-wrote some of the songs on the track, and mixed the tracks personally.
"I wrote the second verse and gave it to Elephant Man, and he built a song around it. What I like about the Cartoon riddim is that it is different from everything else that is out there, you hear the playfulness in it, and it gives people something to talk about," he said.

The rhythm itself has a 'showtunes' Broadway feel, and uses voice samples from the popular Looney tunes cartoon characters on some of the songs.

"I took the sample, I chopped it, and edited it, and then played a dancehall track around it, and then I began to voice the artistes one by one," Stephen said.

Stephen, who will be doing his CSEC exams next year, is the son of famous reggae singer, Freddie McGregor.

"My personality is kind of laid back, I am not into the star thing, I don't like too much attention, that is why I prefer to stick to producing, instead of being in front," he said.

No kidding. Stephen produced four tracks on his father's recently released album, 'Coming in Tough'. He plays a number of instruments well such as the drums, bass, guitar, the piano and even the violin, all without formal training.

The songs on the rhythm include Mr. Lex's 'We Hot', Elephant Man's 'Fly Go A Moon', Delly Ranx 'Doan Fear Dem' and a rollicking track by Xcitement Gang, 'That's All Folks', and the popular 'Things Set a Way' by Predator.

At least one song from the rhythm, Delly's 'Doan Fear Dem' has already been added to the playlist of Royal Radio, one of the largest urban radio stations based in Bronx, New York in the United States.

"I plan to do a medley video soon right before Xmas to promote the rhythm, and ensure visibility in the teenage market, cause this riddim is going to be mad ah road fi the Xmas," he said, smiling.

There are also tentative talks being done with Lil Wayne of Cash Money Millionaires to work on the project as well, to do a combination song with one of the artistes, as Stephen said, "we are doing everything to expose this song to different markets".