Kimberly hot and spicy



Hi, my name is Kimberly and I am from the warm and sunny parish of Kingston, (Jamaica). I am a very intellectual and down to earth girl who likes to socialize with persons, especially with persons who I am not familiar with.

I have never thought of being a model, but I pretty much would love to do photographic modeling. I just love to see my self in photos, (a girl thing). I am also a lover of appearing music videos and commercials.
I don't think that I would want to do modeling in Jamaica because no one is willing to pay the price for what they want you to do. I know a lot girls who have been modeling for years and is yet they cannot show what they have gain from being a model.
I am presently attending a school of continuing education where I am doing back over a couple of CXCs. After that I will be pressing to enrolled in either University of the West Indies or UTECH.

Even though things are expensive in Jamaica, I believe it's one of the best place to live from once you have a solid education and a good job, is just the perfect ingredient of making living in Jamaica feels like living in paradise.
In my spare, I like to go clubbing with my friends, hanging out on the beach eating fish and festival and most of all going to the movies.

There is no way I could finish write this letter without expressing my love for our culture that the world craved for and our energetic dancehall music and the easy skanking reggae music.
"Life can only be what it is, unless you allows it to be that way"