Warrior King Hold The Faith

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"Come Let us all hold a Reverence to His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie I who created heaven and earth and for that reason I must Hold the Faith. Every Day I have to give thanks as I beckon My Savior for His Guidance and Protection, in this struggle, against the heathen. The Lord is I light and salvation so babylon Can't Get Me Down.

October 25th will be their Judgement Day. So in times of peril one must hold a firm Meditation because Freedom of the mind and soul sustains My Life and yours. So Often Times I Wonder as I Sing Another Love Song to my Baby Girl, Do they really Know What Love Is? That is why as an advocate for Education I encourage our Children, go to school, learn about your ancient heritage and seek that spiritual bliss that hails from the tribe of Judah for Ethiopia Our Mother Land Awaits."

"This album is more than just 15 tracks. Every song represents a chapter of my soul. It is a testament of my life to which I invite all to partake. A lot of people are wondering what happen to Warrior King? My answer to their questions is in this album."

"Hold The Faith (VP1708) represents an autobiography of sorts. It ventures into the realms of truth via a verbal narration of my faith. This project was created with pure intentions one of them being to heal and consol using Word, Sound and Power."

"Faith is a substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen. Let us chant in spirit and truth.

Give Thanks for Life,

Warrior King.