Roach, from first class to coach



Most people know Patrick 'Roach' Samuels as being a close, personal friend of deejay Vybz Kartel, and they often see him lurking in the shadows in music videos, backstage at shows, or at the studios.

He grew up in the area of Kingston known as 'South', a rough-and-tumble neighbourhood known for its bloody gun-violence in the southern part of Kingston. He attended Calabar High school before going on to Vauxhall Comprehensive High. After graduating, he got a job at the Jamaica Cement Company in the engineering department, working there for 10 years and earning the nickname, 'Mama Boy'.

"I loved working at the Cement Company, I worked as an assistant to the engineers, I got crazy love there, dem check fi me, and while I was there, mi meet Bounty Killer; Killer was the first man mek me hold $100,000 one time when him give me 4 dub plate fi a sound name Black Culture from Miami inna 1996," he said, smiling.

It was while hanging around Bounty Killer that he first met the young, ultra-talented Kartel.
You know dat is Bounty responsible for Kartel, and dem time de, Kartel used to give him crazy song, and people seh dat me and him resemble, and from dem time de, mi admire him style of deejaying, the way him string him words together. Mi recognize him talent, and mi invest $20,000 in him far in advance fi 4 tune long before him name get out big a Jamaica," he said.

Knowing all the deejays in the business and hanging around them, it was only a matter of time before he made the natural progression to being a producer.
"Mi know all the big name dem, and mi know the business but mi neva mek the step until one day, last year October, mi de de rounda Kartel and mi seh 'blow wow, deejay, you know mi need two dub plate', and him seh 'go Blacks (the producer), tell him dat yu need a riddim, at the speed of 120 and come back wid it'," he said.

However, when 'Roach' returned with a rhythm to Kartel, he said "Kartel fling it outta the CD player outta him car, him said mi need a badda one, ah eediat riddim dat". At this point, he pauses and laughs, and takes a pull from his burning cigarette.
"Bwoy, him no easy y'know," he said.

After that, as fate would have it, he stumbled upon the source of inspiration for his virgin project.
"I was over Kartel another day, and he was writing a song from a producer called Ellis on The Symphony riddim, but the CD contain two riddim, and mi hear a phrase, the siren, inna the riddim that mi like. So mi call Lauren Hill engineer, and tell him, amd mi get the file, go rounda Blacks, him do a magic job, him give me what mi want, and the riddim ready fi the road," he said.

The first songs he produced were 'Call Di Ambulance' by Kartel, and songs by Bling Dawg, Ward 21 and then a bouncy single by Sean Paul.
"I saw Jason (Sean Paul's brother) one day, and mi tell him dat mi have a riddim, mi give it to him, and the next day Sean call me and said that him do the first verse already, and the next day, him do the next verse and that was it. I took the next couple of months and finish the production and it ah run the road fi the last few months," he said.

The 'Siren' rhythm, which samples Quincy Jones' 'Ironside', contains the monster radio hit, 'Emergency', which recently hit #5 on the UK Dancehall charts, and is getting regular rotation on HOT 97 in New York. The distribution of the rhythm is handled by 'In the Streetz' and appears on the Time Travel label.
"Mi have a new riddim ah come out soon, it ah run the place, look out fi it," he said