Lady G lyrics - Woman's Intuition


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Song Title: Woman's Intuition
Artiste: Lady G & Pancho
Label: G String
Rhythm: My Baby

(Pancho) My Girl A Wa You Realy A Deal Wid
Me Know No Michelle Me Know No Renee
(Lady G) Yu Too Lie
Me No Know Da Girl Da Picture Wa In A Me Phone
A Know Me Lock Me Phone Agooda Di Company Lock Me Phone
Wa Kind Aidiot Argument Ya Bring Off Pon Mi Wa Ya Deal Wid

Verse 1
Yu Put A Lock Pon Di Phone True Yu No Waa Mi Si Di Numbers
A Yu Careless Skirts
So Me Trick Yu And Tell Yu Mi A Meg Yu A Phone Call
True Mi Want Fi Search
A Mi Woman's Intuition Tell Me Seh Yu Out A Road A Cheat
Not Only Just Flirt
And No Tree Nah Grew In A Mi Face So Mi Na Go Stay At Home
And Tek Hurt

A No Telephone Mash Up Yu Life
Man A You Weh No Rate Yu Wife (Yu No Seet Sa)
A No Telephone Mash Up Yu Life
Yu Shoulda Glad Me Only Go Fi Di Knife (Yu No Seet Sa)
A No Telephone Mash Up Yu Life
Yu And Yu Gal Dem A Get Too Bright (Yu No Seet Sa)
A No Telephone Mash Up Yu Life
Yu Know Yu Nah Sleep in Yah Tonight

Verse 2
Question; How She Get Yu Number Fi A Send Yu Text
An A talk Bout She Want Yu An Har Fi Have sex
Yu Shoulda Realize Say Yu Deh Wid A Gangsta
When Mi Talk Pon Di Phone Mi Want People Fi Answer
Mi No Care If Yu No Love How Mi A Act
Mi Jus No Wa Nt Catch Some Disease Weh Some People Got
Di Signal Pon Mi Phone Is Very Low
So When Mi A Talk Mi A Fi Go Out A Door

Verse 3
Mi Get Fi Understand Seh Yu No Realy Smart
An True Yu Get Ketch Yu Jus A Mek A Bag A Talk
A Yu Alone Mi Feel A Break Me Heart
If Yu Did KeepYu Ting Ina Yu Pants We Would'nt Fall Apart
God Seh Mi Fi Seek If Mi Expect Seh Mi Fi Fine
And Mi No Need No Friend Fi Boost Mi, Mi Dun Si The Sign
It Seems Like Yu Want A Bag A Woman Fi Grind
And Dat Da Livity D Lady G No Join (One More Time)