DJ Smurf one of Jamaica's mixing Genius



Errol Stewart, aka DJ Smurf, was born on September 21, 1972. He grew up in Kingston, and was raised by both his mother and grandmother. He would stay between Vineyard Town and Woodford Park occasionally, and sometimes in Cashew Park with his mother. While growing up with his grandmother, he was placed under a lot of restrictions.

His interest for the turntable budded from a tender age. While sitting at his gate, he would carefully observe as Metro Media played on weekends on the corner of every weekend on the same road.
While attending Calabar High School, he would conduct cassette clashes with his classmates. There and then he recognized his true potential and got a few mixing lessons from Ian, a friend of his, who was also a D.J. from Road Star Disco.

Later he decided to make it his career. In 1988, he started deejaying on various sound systems in the corporate area and played for various occasions, such as office parties, wedding receptions, school fetes, soca sessions, 70s and 80s sessions, dancehall sessions, and also provided background music for dinner parties.
His career choice led him to work alongside prominent DJs. He also played at various nightclubs throughout Jamaica, such as Asylum, Club 2000, Margarita Ville in Montego Bay, The Brewery in Montego Bay, and The Jungle in Negril, just to name a few.
Currently employed at HOT 102 FM, he has a few radio experiences. He appeared as a guest DJ during the Karl Marshall show, while at Fame FM. He was also a member of the 80s club at Mega Jamz.
His main interest musically is 90s to current Dancehall, Hip-Hop, Disco and Soca. Nevertheless, he has a fair appreciation for music of the 70s from various genres.

His interests also include reading, net surfing, and cooking. In fact, he has obtained a Senior G.C.E. pass in Home Economics, as well as a Teacher's Diploma in Computer Science at the Secondary Level at Mico Teachers' College

Errol's love and dedication for the music will allow him to achieve all his dreams, and to not only be a prominent DJ, but to also be a "Musical Connoisseur".
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