Dj Sunshine lighting up the airwaves



Many consider her the sexiest female disc jock in the business, for others she spreads joy, laughter and her vivacious personality and talent ensures that she is constantly in demand. Just as her name suggests DJ Sunshine is lighting up the radio scene these days. Only two and a half years on the air and already she has achieved what many disc jocks dream about. Sunshine has carved a niche for herself in the very competitive world of radio.

Just listen to her slots on Irie FM on Wednesdays from 2:00pm to 6:00 pm, Thursdays 2 pm to 6:00 pm and Fridays 2:00 pm to 6:00 pm that is why her career has catapulted in such a short time.
On Wednesdays be prepared for a little bit of everything while on her Thursday and Friday afternoon slots it's a party vibes with Sunshine knowing just what to serve to her entertainment hungry fans.

And to think Sunshine never saw herself as being a radio disc jock, while she was working at Harry's Bar on Constant Spring Road. It was one of those gigs that DJ face from IRIE FM heard her playing and decided she really was good. He told her he wanted to introduce her to Brian Schmidt. Brian was very impressed with Sunshine and that led him to introduce her to Carl Young owner of the station. The rest as they say is history as she is now comfortable ensconced at the top station.
Born in St. Andrew DJ Sunshine attended St. Andrew High School for Girls. She was all set on being an architect and was firmly encouraged by her mom to pursue that dream. With that in mind she went to study at Miami Dade Community College "to get that piece of paper". Having completed her studies, Sunshine realized that she really didn't want to be an architect. According to her, music was in her bones.

She bought a Gemini CD system and had it entertaining herself while she practice her spins at home. It happened that her friends used to throw a lot of house parties and she ended up being the 'unofficial' selector. It was while selecting for her friends Sunshine realized she had found her true calling - selecting. From then on she started to freelance her talent. Now she is very in demand playing at football matches, sessions and serving as emcee.

What is so special about this disc jock? Well Sunshine will be the first to tell you that it is all about humility and being yourself. She stressed that you must always know that there is room for improvement and stays focused. Relaxation for this busy disc jock is lying down in her hammock with her dog at her side cooling out.

Bookings: Khool International - 4
Thant Crescent, Bridgeport P.O. St Catherine, Jamaica
Telephone #: 876- 998-5083,
Cell. #s: 876-877-5956 & 839-6533
Fax: 876-704-0866
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