Bounty Killer & Elephant Man at odds


But pop down artiste Toddler get box down.

People Harry Toddler a little hurry come up DJ who did get the big break a long time ago and now him flop, keep him birthday party the first of August but ah big controversy gwaan between Bounty Killer and Elephant Man, ova who fi work last....Harry Toddler him a call fi reunion, but Elephant Man and Bounty neva waan work together that night, and Killer walk out the venue when Toddler try call him up first.

Plus when Elephant Man go work di stage before Bounty, mi hear seh him get vex, cross hangry ignorant this time not misserable. With all that the Killer lose him killing vibes, so the show end pon a rotten note. Clarendon people vex wid Killer fi dat. And nuff man start pree Toddler, Dem seh him violate the order. But People Ohnu must not put the blame on Bounty Killer.

After that some man visit Toddler and line him up couple box inna him face swell it up for days. Mi hear seh the man almost get mad a gain. The Thug them page him wicked wicked, 'cause wha day ya mi hear Toddler ah seh reh-reh gwaan, and him de pon Entertainment Buzz Wednesday night ah talk up pure tings.

So which certain big man send him thugs fi box him inna him head? All mi know, is a dangerous box 'cause it tun him pretty-pretty hair colour black. Rrrrhhhh.

A wonder if Bounty a go still go to Elephant Birthday Party on Saturday 10. Well, What's Cracking will keep you up to date.

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