'Lately' Evette going places

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Evette's debut CD 'Lately' is now available in stores and websites like Amazon.com and ReggaeSource.com as well as all MusicNet supported sites (Musicnet.com, MTV.com, Yahoo.com, etc.). Evette has made several personal appearances at select stops on the U.S. tour of the Oliver Samuels production Ras Noah and the Hawk.

Her cover of Fantasia's Baby Mama, and current single Without You a (duet with veteran singer George Nooks) are just a few of the exceptional songs driving this great new CD. Baby Mama has been getting airplay across the US and even has made the top 10 of New Mexico's Dancehall Chart. Guest appearances on Lately include dancehall deejay Don Yute, Meeky, singer/rapper PMT, bassist Chris Meredith, drummer Squiddly Cole, and ! Barry O'Hare. Sharon Forrester and Fiona also lend their sweet back-up vocals to a number of tracks.