Mr. Peppa nuh like Hypocrite



Artiste: Mr. Peppa
Title: Talk
Rhythm: IROB
Produced by: Ward 21

That's Betta Crazy badmind inna dem heart inna dem mind
Dem nuh see seh a good time dis Mr Peppa
Mek dem Talk, Talk mek dem Talk, Talk, Talk
All dem can do a Talk, Talk but when you hear

Hypocrite a Talk, lowe dem, mek dem sit an talk
All dem can do a flip an talk our life den can shut off you mad
Hypocrite a talk lowe dem mek dem sit and talk
All dem can do a flip an talk our face dem caan kick off you mad!!!

Verse 1
Nuff a dem claim dem with you
Want extra clip you, want come Wesson an smith you
Want sneak up an ice pick you, all tek you bicycle
You would a surprise, you don't know weh hit you
But praise father god an that man will trod with you
An release the burden dem weh you have with you
Teachings of his majesty will up lift you
Nuh mek dem meditation drift you

So when you hear!!
(Repeat cho)

Verse 2

Before dem give thanks fi whey father god provide
Like di rising of the sun and the dawning of the sky
Dem live inna wi name like termite inna ply, and dem bad lamp an a sell Dem samfie, when dem talk
Just give dem psalms whatever in reply don't even
Smoke cigarette yet di red inna eye,
A dem same one woulda kill you an go hide
An you woulda swear she dem a you bonofide

Not when you hear!!!!
(Repeat cho)