Tuck in Yuh Belly


LeftSide and Esco performing their hit single 'Tuck in Yuh Belly' at Beenie Man's 'Summer Sizzle'

Title: Tuck in Yuh Belly
Artiste: Leftside & Esco, Label: Young Legend
Rhythm: Throw Back Giggy
Intro My girl tuck in yuh belly, A beg yuh tuck in yuh belly, A weh yuh a go wid dat man, Tuck in yuh side Ha ha

From yuh know yuh belly nuh bang
And yuh know say yuh look good inna yuh thong
Gyal bruk out, yuh belly look clean
And yuh know say fit in inna magazine, yuh zeen

Verse 1
Some gyal belly bag ova like shirt
One bagga flab dem need some ab work
Big gut and big butt
Gyal dat nuh work
And mi nah even smile or smirk
Yuh fi tek care a yuhself
Gyal know what yuh worth
Yuh belly nuffi look like yuh a give birth
Yuh foot favour broom stick
Don't wear nuh skirt
Mi gyal model yuh nuh shape like the earth
Walk out Sky Juice nuh yuh daddy
Model pon a gyal yuh belly flat like bammy
Yuh cute and yuh sexy
Round like Tami
A you win the flat belly grammy


From yuh know say yuh look good Debra
Yuh skin nuh marky and stripe up like zebra
Hold up yuh hand cause yuh hot like pepper
Walk through the dance
Yuh and real hot stepper
From yuh know say yuh have flat belly
Yuh hot inna yuh swimsuit like Kris Kelly
When yuh a walk it nuh shake lie jelly
Up inna the video and talk up Shelly

Repeat Chorus