Hollow Point Hungry For International Stardom



"Silent rivers run deep" is probably a phrase that best describes Shevon Toriano Stewart. At first glance it wouldn't be easy for anyone to even imagine that seemingly quiet, humble and reserved individual could talk flamboyantly, talk "gangasta" and give you a solid reality check!

Well, that's what Hollow point brings to the voice booth, the ability to be versatile and connect with the masses. This talent however, wasn't an over night affair, his journey to the world of entertainment took time and lots of patience.

While in school, he would deejay the lyrics of dancehall legends Super Cat, Tennor Saw and Nicodemus to his classmates. Although he wouldn't deejay original tunes, his schoolmate and friend, singer Bascom X, noticed his distinct, unique sound and encouraged him to write his own lyrics. Taking his friends advices he quickly put pen to paper and penned mostly 'gun tunes', the bullet hollow point was a permanent feature, so it's no longer a mystery the origin of his stage name.
Hollow point eventually graduated from the classroom to the studios of many producers, but during that time he didn't feel a sense of accomplishment. That however changed when his cousin, dancehall artiste Chico introduced him to his friend Alozade, who presented the then 'undeveloped talent' to producer Cordell "Scatta" Burrell.

Impressed by his style and solid, well put together lyrics, Scatta was convinced that he had that 'star quality' and was challenged himself, to see just how far he could carry this rising star, after all, his first recorded single "Unda Mi Sensi" which also featured early mentor Alozade and Mr. Vegas flew straight to the top of the German charts! Well by all indications his path to ultimate success is clear cut, his more recent singles 'Round and Round' and 'Sen On' have received major heavy rotation on major local radio stations and it doesn't hurt to be blessed with good looks because his videos have received the same treatment from local national and cable stations.
It's guaranteed that Hollow Point's lyrics will always be outstanding by virtue of the fact that he listens to just about every genre of music. He tries to be different in terms of his lyrics, there's always substance to his lyrics and writes in a way which you won't have to think about twice about what he has to say.

A complete package, good lyrics, good looks, his signature "speed flow" style topped off with a humble persona, a legend is in the making.

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