Iwan's Musical Journey

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Iwan's musical journey begins in the 1920s following an audition at Channel One records with the exciting trio 'Midnight Rider'. But in his perspective, he believes that he has just reach chapter one of his musical expedition.

Iwan then got hooked up with Kenneth Hookim who was the first person to come across the unique and impressive sound of Iwan voice. "The very first time he heard me sing, he immediately pulled me in the studio and place me behind the mike, along with his group (Midnight Rider) to record our first collaboration titled 'Ruckumbie'," said Iwan who automatically became the lead singer.

After he joins force with the trio, they manage to combine twenty-five songs together, four of the songs were released in between Jamaica and England: 'Ruckumbine', on the General rhythm, did well in United Kingdom (UK). 'Haul and Pull up' produced by Sly and Robbie on the Taxi rhythm,' Hypocrites' a cover version of Bob Marley's song and 'Crash A Riddim' on the Original Worries in the dance rhythm.
They during that same time span they also did a variety of songs for several independent producers most of which were contracted over to Lloydie Evans of Blue Mountain Records. 'Under Me Reggae', 'Illegal Gun' was played on the Barry G/Rodigan clash that was well received, sold a couple units well but did not make the top ten.

Iwan has embarked on a solo career and is presently working out with CashFlow Records on his up coming Album. So for, they have completed three tracks such as 'Tear Drops', 'Give Thanks' and 'Dancing Girl'. He has also shot several music videos that he hopes will helped to stamp his image in the eyes of the public.
It is funny to know that Iwan is ranked amongst the heavy weight of reggae music in Japan and he's merely known by anyone in his home country. The pulsating hit single 'Who Ah Try Fe Stop Reggae' is a massive hit in Japan, which climbs several different Japanese charts that got stuck in the number one position for more than a few weeks. This song was also produced by Paul Mitchell and the CashFlow Family with Neil, X and Mexican as featured musicians. All Tracks were laid by British-born Paul "Wrong Move" Cross dale with lead vocals and harmony done by Iwan.

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