Carlene - Sexy & Smart



She's hot, sexy and hard to resist. The pulsating curves of her body with her superb eye catching buss is more than enough to have guys walking into utility polls. To come into contact with such a beautiful girl like Carlene is not as hard as one would expect it to be. Why? She's a vast lover of the beach, especially the beaches on the North Coast in Jamaica.

Carlene who recently graduated from Clan Carthy High in 2004 as one of the top students for that graduating year, is now studying night after night to become a flight attendant.
In the mean time she's busy enjoying what she said she loves the most (modeling).
In her modeling career she has enter a few recognize competitions in Jamaica such Pulse Petite Model in which she was placed in the top ten. She then went on to enter Mss Teen Jamaica.

After being with several other modeling agencies in Jamaica, she was still not pleased with their level of professionalism (don't feel at home), so she decided to give up modeling.
"But then my cousin Shana called me one-day and told me about this agency called French Kut International, and begged to let the both of us go in for the audition, which I did and it turns out to be successful," she said.

Once again she reclaims her love for modeling and from that moment she actually begins to feel what it's like to be a professional model.

Her aim in the future is to complete her Flight Attendant course and to one day open a fashion school that will be adjoined with a modeling agency.
Name Carlene Anderson Age: 18 Date of Birth: January 5th, 1987
Waist: 28 Hip: 31
Height: 5'6 Weight: 120