DROOP DAWG Reggae Rebbel for Life...



Born and christened Andrew Brown on the 15th September in Annotto Bay in the Parish of St. Mary. The talented Mr. Brown grew to love and appreciate music. As a youngster, Andrew enjoyed a life of ups and down. Growing up, life wasn't really hard, but it was challenging.

His musically journey began as far back as when he attended primary school. Andrew attended Enfield primary and Baileys Ville Secondary Schools. At an early age he began performing at school concerts.

Otherwise called Droopy by his school friends and family, because of that droopy facial expression, Andrew took on the name Droop Dawg after Beenie Man's 90's dancehall hit single "Old Dog."

Although Old Dog refers to a womanizer, Droop Dawg indicates that "Dawg fi me only signify one thing...his man good with the ladies...ladies love me"

Whether this is true because of his charming personality or because of his deep baritone voice... that have people thinking if he is Shaggy...Droop Dawg is genuinely a hit with the ladies.

In the early years he was influenced by the strides Shabby Ranks had made in the business. Droop Dawg wanted to be a part of this talented and persistent little few. He began writing and rehearsing his music-his family and close friends encouraged him..."Dem show me lots of love when me did a grow up inna the music-educating me bout certain things" patterning what he thought at the time was his own style...however...
As said by great philosophers of the past..."Nothing is new under the face of the sun!"
The emergence of Jamaican talent Shaggy on the international stage..sounding exactly like Droop Dawg made him ponder about becoming a deejay, at the time because of the fear of people saying that "a pirate man pirate Shaggy...or a Shaggy me a force fi talk like."

Droop Dawg recalls that for the next couple of years he began to fade, and his interest in the music was at a stand still, whilst Shaggy gain a lot of success. to him it was like his mind was playing tricks with him...he was in competition with Shaggy...who had become a veteran now and Droop Dawg hadn't even started yet...his subconscious was robbing him of his dream...sending subliminal messages to him...without him knowing.

"It was until a couple of mi good brethren dem encourage me...that I started to refocus on being what I want to be."

In 1998 Droop Dawg again began taking his musical career seriously, and his first single entitled 'Whop I'; produce by Myrie Williams on the Top Secret Label was released in the same year. This single got a fair amount of airplay and the praises and accolades Droop Dawg received after this release made him realized that music was all he wanted to do.

Influenced by what he call his sounded-a-like i.e. Shaggy, and dancehall sensation Shabba Ranks, Droop Dawg will stop at nowhere to get his music to the next level. "My music is reality...hardcore music...still...a no just the voice a Shaggy...is Shaggy with substance" stated Droop Dawg, this any honest listener to his music will tell you. Droop Dawg is talented, and is a very devoted and determined artiste.
When not in his pensive mood Droop Dawg is an energetic gentleman, whose lyrics are penetrative to the inner soul of his audience. Droop Dawg will stop at nothing to showcase to Jamaica and the rest of the world his unique style and pattern.

Droop Dawg has a lot of performing experiences in the past. His biggest performance was in 2000 at Spring Swing in Forte Clarence.

A very pivotal point in Droop Dawg life is when he met the phenomenon Mynimoo, LA Lewis, and Mr. Ice (which was later change by Junior P. Thompson a.k.a. Xtra Large to Mr. iiice) "Yeah wi come together an' formed a group...The Reggae Rebbels...a really LA Lewis get wi together with our then Management Lexus Promotion." With Lexus Promotions and The Reggae Rebbels, Droop Dawg thought that he had a combination that would give him the break he desires. At Lexus Promotions Droop Dawg was introduced to Junior P. Thompson a.k.a. Xtra Large and the group was to have him as a co-manager.

Droop Dawg and The Reggae Rebbels group did a number of top shows together...and they were usually well received everywhere they performed...even walking on the streets they began experiencing the effects of being superstars. Their fan base grew rapidly. This Droop Dawg was quick to point out made him even more eager to succeed as an artiste. His unique style along with his other stable mates talent guaranteed them success.

The relationship between Xtra Large and Lexus Promotion was however short lived because of irreconcilable differences.
2005 and beyond with perseverance and determination - Droop Dawg is hinting at making the real impact he should have made earlier in career. His soon to be releases on the Xtra-tainment Inc. Record Labels "Moving on", "Things could be Better" (A combination with Mynimoo", "Just Stop", "Bad Mind", "None a them", "None a them a nuh God", "War", "Possible", "Lord please lengthen my days", "Give girls" shows a more positive approach.

Having switched management team in the past few years, Droop Dawg believes this is the year for him to give the public something they have not heard or witness for a long time. As part of the Reggae Rebbels he is determined to bring the music to a higher level

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