Name: Shana
Bust: 36
Hip: 37
Waist: 36
Height: 5ft, 6
Weight: 120
Agency: French Kut International

21 year Shana can be classified as a stylish and sophisticated young lady who is always looking elegant and sexy.

Shana, not like most models that have always dreamt of being a model from a tender age got introduced to modeling last year December 2004, when she was asked to pose for the Jamaican Star center spread girl. It was from there she became interested in modeling and in less than two months she was gracing the catwalk for French Kut International.
Shana is a very down to earth girl who likes to rap and laugh with who so ever that wishes to debate with her in a friendly conversation. In her spare time she likes to stay home and sleep, eat and most of all surfing the Internet. Her hobbies are playing football on the beach, dancing, shopping, badminton and playing golf with her grandfather.
Apart from modeling Shana is presently pursing a diploma in Creative Arts.
While living in Cayman she was the assistant supervisor for her mother small grocery store, but got home sick so she returns back to Jamaica to live with her dad.
Her advice to girls who wants to be a model is: "Always keep your eyes wide open because most of these agencies will try to abuse you in whatever way they can."