She is the mother of a beautiful four-year-old Destiny, a child produced from a union with lead singer Peter Morgan of the band Morgan Heritage. Although she is a devoted mother, she has no problem that many teenage boys regard her as 'sex symbol'.

"I love when men come up to me and say that I look good because I know that not all mothers keep up in shape, and take care of their bodies ... and I try to do that. I find that a lot of teenage boys, especially boys from Wolmer's High School, come up to me and try to put argument to me, but I just have to laugh ... it is quite flattering really," she said, laughing.

Known for her stunning good looks, catchy sing along hooks and her witty wordplay, Pashon is cementing her place as a bonafide star in the music biz.

Her latest hit, 'Grudgeful', on the Applause rhythm, has been blowing up all over the local airwaves, and her video for the song gets regular rotation on local television stations. But all the attention has not gone to the head of the gorgeous daughter of reggae legend, Sugar Minott. No, she remains, well, just plain old Fire Pashon.
"The attention is good, but it doesn't go to my head. I am just working hard on my career right now," Pashon told Yardflex.com. "I had been out of the game for a while, but I am just coming back like a real fire woman to take it to them."

She is set to go on a tour which she will open for her father for two shows in Canada before jetting to Japan for a series of shows in August. With all the attention she has been getting, Pashon has been approached by a lot of producers, but admits to being very selective in voicing tracks.
"I am not doing a lot of songs on rhythms out there because when the big deal comes, these companies don't like when you scatter your work, and 'skettel' out your voice, so I am just choosing my projects carefully," she said.


Musically, she is a big fan of Sizzla and her dad. Spiritually, Pashon has long admired DJ Sister Carol, a woman she regards as her mentor. "I see her as an elder Rasta woman whom I respect and, surprisingly, I rate Lady Saw as well for her energy and her delivery on stage," Pashon said.
Her other songs include Flames on the Big Yard label and No Guns on the Black Roots label. Pashon has been making big strides in recent months, and returned a few weeks ago from a two-week tour of the United States where she performed at the Nevada Music Festival alongside Shaggy, Toots, Morgan Heritage, and the Fifth Element Crew.