In the quiet suburban neighborhood of Cooreville Gardens one would hardly expect to find a growing music empire and three of the most talented and promising young musicians. Cashflow Recording Studio is where you find Paul Mitchel (Jnr.) DJ Neil, his younger brother Ernesto DJ X and a close neighbor Damion Roye Mexican, three of the music industry's youngest and freshest.

At 21, 20 and 17 years respectively it's hard to imagine them leading the charge of dancehall music, but if you've been to the Hilton's Jonkanoo Lounge, Cuddy'z recently, or turned on your radio for that matter - then you would know what it's like to be rocking the night away under the influence of this terrific musical trio.

For those who are close to these guys, their musical endeavors and achievements come as no surprise because both Neil and Ernesto are from a strong musical heritage who had learned how to play several different instrument by the help of the father, Paul 'Father P' Mitchell who was also a well known musician back then. But even though they had an inborn love for music, they never forget the encouraging words that their father would constantly riveted in the heads, "continuous training will always make you become a master of what you do best"
What started out as a hobby, experimenting and creating beats, soon became more. With the backing of their father, the trio opened their own in-home digital computerized recording studio; the studio has been churning out hits since its inception over two years ago. Their first commercial product being Spotlight's "gal dem want" on the Reload rhythm, "Cashflow" went on to take the music industry by storm, editing, mixing and mastering songs for individual artists as well as producing as a record label – Cashflow Records – Their first album project was the Killer Bee'z Rhythm, which featured the likes of Danny English, Galaxy P, Fury, L.A. Lewis among others.

With their name growing as fast as their talents, it wasn't long before the established players in the industry sought to have the DJ-Neil / DJ X/Mexican flavour on their projects. Big name producers (including: Gadaffi – Annex Records, Murray – In Di Streets, Roy Francis – Mixing Lab, Mr. Vegas and Charley-Charley, among others.) have used the players mixing and remixing skills to enhance their projects.

With recent success coming from a number of new dancehall rhythms – "Dutty Guitar" rhythm for Media House Production that big acts such as Vybz Kartel, Macka Diamond, KipRich, KC Jockey, Zumjay Mr. Peppa, Gang Bang etc. and most recently they have completed two new projects titled Tear Drops and Guilty that have been creating a havoc in Japan. The trio are presenlty hard at work inside and out of the studio on a new rhythm called Womba that is bound to change vibes of the dancehall circuit.
Taking the talent and passion to the masses via the speakers of popular clubs and party venues, Neil, X & Mexican have launched a sure-shot Disk Jockeying career – currently playing every Wednesday and Friday afternoon on a local cable TV live to a packed audience as appearances at other popular clubs and parties.

Riding high on the success of their debut mix CD album – Unleashed Vol. 1, the number one CD on the streets of summer 2002, it was just a matter of time before their fans get anxious for a early release date of the follow-up volume two and Remix Killaz. Unleashed volume 2 & Remix Killaz, innovative remixes, the freshest rhythms and seamless mixing is what makes this musical cocktail the ultimate thirst quencher for music fans. The newest addition to this young and dynamic trio is their annual remix CD party "Unleashed"

Contact Info:
Tele: 1876-391-4411 or 1876-765-8887