Name: Rochelle, no last name required also know as Ashley
Age: 21
Date of Birth: April 21, 1984
Height: 5,6
Weight: 135lb
Measurement: 34-28-42

Hi, my name is Rochelle, but most of my friends called me Ashley. Sometimes I look as innocent as a baby, but really and truly I am only a half of the word inno- cent, and up to now I still cannot figure out which part of the word I am. Anyways enough of the bull-shiiiit, it is time for you to know the real me.

Presently I am pursuing a Bachelors degree double Language and Phsycology at the University of the West Indies. Apart from college I like to party, modeling, giving good trouble, swimming, reading, and exercise whenever I feel like and But most of all I like to hangout with my girl friends at BackYaad, the Quad and Village Cafe.

Who am I?
I am a fun loving person, don't think I am unapproachable, I tend to have that look but don't be scared to ask a question.

My most embarrassing moment: Gee, it doesn't seem as if I have one let I think way back down in the brain memory cap. Mmmmm! Sorry I can't recall any maybe, it's because I do not have a shame tree, Lol.
How did I get into modeling, that's a long story but I will try and tell you the story in as little as 89 words.

I have been modeling from I was little while attending church, (Church Barbe Q). But I started to really fall in love with modeling right after I gradated from Wolmers' Girls.
A couple of my girl friends and I went to Village Cafe and the owner Robert asked me if I would like to be a contestant in the Village Ultimate Calendar Girl Competition, in which I went through to the semi final. So from there my modeling career is now boomingly bright even though things could be better.

Hey! did you check to see if, I really had told you the story in 89 words.