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Appearing out of a pack of fame hungry deejays eagerly anticipating their few minutes of fame came an overweight, un-stereotypical image of a deejay. He knew one chance was all he needed and he waited three years for just that moment.

The bright lights of discotheque revealed what probably was the most captivating thing about his entrance. Two of the most rage filled, fiery eyes told of his hardships, disappointments and endurance. Then he blared what would later stick to the press and the minds of all the patrons present in the Cactus Night Club that night in 1999: "A Rickie Rudie A! K! A! Bling Dawg!"

However forceful, it was his signature self titled song 'Bling Dawg' and entrance that lifted the roof of the club and pretty much spoke for itself in introducing him. "If you nuh like Bling Dawg chuck off pon a peg". He hasn’t looked back since, leaving a trail of "drop jaw" great performances that began at Cactus and continued with 'Bounty Killer's, it's a Party', 'Teen Splash', 'Sting' and 'Fully Loaded' as he became a regular on top rated stage shows.

This was how Marlon Ricardo Williams a.k.a. Bling Dawg, after leaving his home in Portland, Jamaica at age eleven in 1985 to live in Miami, returned in 1994 to kick open a tightly shut, heavily guarded door to the dancehall recording world. Hitting hard, in the dime a dozen "Jamaican dancehall deejay factory", rewriting the script, Bling Dawg targeted three main niche audiences with his singles; the girls, the rude boys and the radio. Girls went wild for 'It's Major, Its Minor' and 'Circumstances' with Beenie Man. In a coy way he used 'Say My Name' and 'Bling Dawg', resonating with his name to make sure the press remembered who he was. Later he escaped in a carefully planned strategy to shed one of the two deejay names he had to establish just on; "Bling Dawg".

He has risen from a solely and local event status, to being a staple on numerous recording production projects in Jamaica, to being highly demanded overseas. Bling Dawg took the world by storm by creating a discography consisting of radio friendly songs that upheld his mandate to the girls, hardknocks and the press. 'Kiss My Baby Good Morning', 'Any Girl Me Want', 'If A Shotta Ting', 'Like We Do' and 'Regrets' are just a few of his hits before he embarked on a Y2K remodeling.

An extensive marketing campaign on the part of his management team proved advert enough for Atlanta based Rock Group Rehab wanting to record a single with Bling Dawg in 2001. The song was entitled 'Do You You'. Later on Bling Dawg appeared on all major stage shows for that year including Red Stripe Sumfest, Sashi and the "Loaded Series".
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Bling Dawg once more flipped the script and re-appeared on the scene in 2002 when he staged his first 'Bling Dawg Summer Jam' in July 2002, which was even bigger the following year. This event has served to provide assistance to several charitable projects in his home town of Portland.

He dropped exciting hits on the everyday norms with his new signature sound he calls the "tweeter voice", witty lyrics and equally exciting and creative music videos. 'Ends Off', 'Stress Free', 'Roll Out', 'Tweeter Voice- Nicky Ann', 'Phone Call' featuring Vibes Kartel, have had dancehalls, clubs and stage shows jumping.

The video for 'Tweeter Voice - Nicky Ann' was produced to add to his already completed 'Bling Dawg' and 'Zip It Up' videos. 'Phone Call' featuring Vibes Kartel will also soon join his list of music videos and proving that his ability to do hit collaborations is not an accident. The Lukie D, Bling Dawg 'She Is The Girl For Me' and 'Girls Surround Me' with Born Jamerican/Notch, lists as hit combinations.

2003 witnessed Bling Dawg losing an amazing 30 pounds, to confirm an appearance change that he likes to call his "Summer Body" look. With this new look also came professionalism. Bling got voice training, the result of which makes his songs come out "tweeter". He began reading more to broaden his vocabulary and traded in jersey and sneakers for designer suits and felt hats (depending on the occasion). Armed with "boom" singles, 2003 to present has not witnessed a dull moment with Bling Dawg.

In 2004 Bling Dawg's global fame where Reggae and dancehall music is played can be described as a major achievement. He has worked with great musicians and engineers such as Sly and Robbie, Salaam Remi, Steven 'Lenky' Marshall, Don Corleon and Q45, producers whose names will be among the production credits for the songs expected on the November release of Bling Dawg's long awaited debut. Promised to be a double CD it will include his more recent hits 'Sad Tomorrow' featuring Lavaska and Spragga Benz and 'Nicky Ann' along with a top secret combination with Bounty Killer, to name a few.

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