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It's been about eight years since Razor decided that a professional career in the music business what was he really wanted to pursue. But the road hasn't been an easy one for him. He is quick to point out that the journey hasn’t been smooth sailing, but the experiences that he has been through, have paved the way for the attention that he is enjoying of late.

With his razor sharp lyrics and humorous rhymes, Razor has hit the dancehall charts in Jamaica with two of the most humorous joints in recent memory. 'Workings' on producer Mario C's Scoobay rhythm, and 'Mr. Dixon on the Bomb a Drop rhythm.

"My style is quite unusual and basically I write songs that have some relevance to everyday happenings. It's just that I put the lyrics in a different form and make them as humorous as I can", the talented Westmoreland native commented.

Razor was born Collin Wedderburn in a district called Mount Airy. After completing studies at the Black River High School, Razor realized that music was his calling. "I used to play football in school but then I started to deejay at school functions and that helped to build my confidence a bit. If I had a choice it would've been football, but I took up the music thing seriously after leaving school", explained Razor.
Razor made his recording debut in 1997 when he recorded 'Whenever You Want My Number' produced by Kirk Davis from Shocking Vibes. Since then he has recorded more than fifteen songs. Peter Tosh (who incidentally was from Westmoreland), Beenie Man, Capleton and Ninja Man are listed among Razor's musical influences.

The 357 Records label which has been changing the face of dancehall music within the past two years, is the main force behind Razor's career. He hooked up with that entity's Mario Campbell (Mario C) after an introduction by top flight dancehall kingpin Beenie Man.

Razor isn't sitting by waiting for the next hit single to pop up. He has been busy recording songs for producers including Dane 'Fire Links' Johnson, Donovan 'Don Corleon' Bennett, the Shocking Vibes label, Rohan 'Snow Cone' Fuller and Chad 'Mr. G' Simpson's Young Blood imprint.

'Grow Bigger' and Steam Fish and Okra are among Razor's current releases. Upcoming singles on the 357 Records' Disturbance and Tyrant rhythms are sure to raise a few eyebrows and further establish Razor as one to watch out for.

May 2005

Mario Campbell (Mario C)
357 Records
Kingston, Jamaica
Tel: 876-357-4371